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We are a business solution provider for Blockchain, IoT and AI. We have market-ready products to deploy in IoT and we can build any Blockchain solution to fit your business.

We develop Blockchain Solutions in Fintech, Edutech, IoT, Smart Energy, Healthcare and Supply Chain. Join the growing tribe of BlockChain Developers.

Our Value Add

    Domain Expertise
    Custom Solutions tailored to your needs
    Strong Advisor Network
    Experienced Team

Why Choose Blockchain Development?

Blockchain, otherwise known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a decentralized, trustless, consensus-based network without the need for a centralized verifying authority, while also providing for a high degree of security and privacy of user data

    Nature of a blockchain is that of a decentralized peer-to-peer network
    Transactions are conducted on a public or private blockchain, which is confirmed through consensus, without the need for a central authority
    Several blocks linked together thus form a blockchain
    Bitcoin is the earliest example of a blockchain based cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a public blockchain whose main feature is smart contracts whose execution is automatic based on certain conditions being met



Get Ready to ride the Blockchain Wave!

Blockchain Consulting

our team will help you get the most out of your Blockchain investment

STO / Tokenization

Launching a Security Token Offering? We can guide you along the way

ICO Development

Looking to launch your ICO? Get expert with everything from Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts, KYC/AML and Exchange Listing

Hyperledger Development

Want to get started on Hyperledger Frameworks and/or Modules? Let us cut through the clutter

Wallet Development

We can help you with Ethereum and other cryptocurrency wallet development

Blockchain - IoT Development

As a leading player in both, we can deliver for you


Artificial Inteligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML)

Both the combination (AI / ML) are much more than a smart technology, as it brings all the emerging technologies especially in healthcare, telecom, media and retail industry. Now we are sensing into the new technologies like chatbots, self-driving cars, Intelligent personal assistants, etc.

Future of AI Insights Services

  • Increase security
  • AI based Products and Services
  • Empower businesses
  • Improve healthcare
  • Augmentation of human thought
  • Make us smarter
  • Emerging into Digital world

IoT /IIoT - Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

We provides IoT Solutions for Businesses and Homes. Our Solutions comprise Office/Home Assistant, Power Analytics and are offered in a subscription model. It helps companies to reduce energy expenses by 20% using IoT technology, Data Analytics and Machine Learnings. It provides storage at both edge and cloud level, to derive various business values and AI to identify Anomalies.

IIoT uses system integration and sensors to gather data within a process for analyzing and optimizing. Human error is reduced and operation costs go down.


Our Business Values

Future aspirations with in-built technology

Cloud Architecture

Our Solutions are offered in the cloud with easy installation.


Flexible Opex Model. Easy to get started. It will pay for itself with the saving.

Artificial Intelligence

Energy efficiency, Appliances Intelligence, Service Convenience, Privacy and Security


Cloud based Software and IoT devices are highly scalable.

Intellectual Property

In-house designed and developed solutions. Our own IP helps for a cost-effective solution.


More than 60+ features . Customizable for different verticals.


Grow faster with better Business Intelligence (BI)

The combination of business intelligence, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things allow to collect information throughout your business operations, from virtually anywhere, adding to the quantity and quality of the IoT data's utilize together in your business

Business Intelligence for IoT Vertical Markets

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial IoT
  • Media & Telecom

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